This time, we dived deep into the world surrounding Gamedev - our role was to rebrand a company specialising in recruitment for that sector, not coincidentally called 8Bit.
With the digital-first approach, we ensured we caught the brand’s essence by designing a complete system with playful elements that can quickly become live. Additionally, we created a series of pictograms that not only work for social media but also during multiple industry events and the merchandise that goes along with them.

However, it is the website that’s the most crucial day-to-day tool for 8Bit’s fully remote team (which, by the way, was chosen as one of the Top 30 Companies For Remote Jobs by Forbes!) and people searching for their dream Gamedev job or partner. We conveyed the company’s vivid energy through the design and web copy and handled its complex implementation with

We’re happy to keep making magic together - even adding new features to 8Bit’s digital offer as you read this.


Ewelina Pulka, Gabriela Baka,
Josh Plough, Magda Assanowicz,
Kasia Bazylczyk


↓ 8BIT

Monika Michalak, Maja Żmijewska,
Marta Todorczuk

Photos courtesy of 8bit

"Wow, where do we even start regarding our experience working with Butter? From the get-go, they blew us away with their out-of-the-box thinking and creative approach to our holistic rebranding at 8Bit."
Monika Michalak

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