We’ve known each other from the beginning: first as guests, then we threw some parties together (Night Bite, what a blast!), afterwards staying as friends. It’s been a while - eight years to be exact - since Bibenda opened its doors. Focusing on seasonal, local produce, they always ensure you know exactly what you’re eating and where it comes from. Whatever it was, it always had to be green and lush with a balanced taste. As with everything, they evolved, and so did their clients. So naturally, the overall design feel had to reflect this.

The first thing we agreed on was to keep the logotype made by Witek Gottesman; it’s the beating heart of Bibenda. We analysed the menus, their functionality and forms and decided to change the fonts to enhance readability, but with a little twist. As Bibenda focuses more on their wine selection than before, we came up with a new way of presenting it. The result is a list bound with golden studs. We also introduced an illustrative character, Mr Bottle, and his friends, who represent the essence of Bibenda’s character in an elegant playfulness. You can find them hiding on the staff’s backs, inside the menus and sometimes on a plate. You can even take them away with you on a T-shirt if you fancy.

The newly developed and designed website will also give you the chance to order some of Bibenda’s colourful and tasty inventions at home. We are happy to be a part of this ongoing journey, and we’re working on new content for Bibenda as we speak!

↓ Task

To refresh Bibenda’s materials and website

↓ Solution

New materials with a twist and introduction of a welcoming brand hero

↓ Collective brain

Design & Illustrations:
Rafał Pawelec
Art Direction & Web Design on Webflow:
Maciej Bączkowski
Management & Production:
Magda Assanowicz
Social Media Design:
Zuza Rawa
Alicja Łabądź

↓ Expertise

research, concept generation, menu design, format design, illustrations, social media, dtp, website, production, webflow

"Our cooperation with Butter was a great experience. We thought we knew what we wanted with the refresh of our brand identity, however the process was very refreshing itself and made us discover new ideas. Thank you Butter! Cooperation was smooth and very attentive. Highly recommended."
Benio Bielecki

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