BUTTER tube liquid gold

2020 was not easy on any of us. More than ever we felt the need for a community, which in BUTTER stands strong. During these strange times we developed new ways of communication, working together and being creative, all done remotely. Nowadays suddenly everything has become extremely intangible. Any real human contact became precious and wanted. This is why we came up with this little gift — to weird you out and make you smile.

We believe that BUTTER makes things stick together, so inevitably you should always have it with you. A tube of BUTTER becomes a way of saying: “Thank you for being with us and a part of our colourful community. Let’s stick together! This way we will be stronger than ever”.

Because we do love print and paper, we chose it to be done with Riso technique on Crush Citrus by Favini. 

You can also reuse this little carton box in any way you wish — to hide your personal treasures. 

BUTTER was carefully poured in the haven of everything that's sweet @cukierwcukrze.

↓ Task

Make the impossible year of 2020 slightly joyful

↓ Solution

Parcels filled with handy buttery tubes for any occasion

↓ Collective brain

Creative Production:
Magdalena Assanowicz & Magdalena Wawrzaszek
Design and Art Direction:
Maciej Bączkowski
Packaging Consultant:
Jula Ambroziewicz
Filip Klimaszewski

↓ Expertise

Research, concept generation, strategy, packaging design, dtp, production, riso print

"For the Butter photoshoot I chose harsh light to give the perfect flash to the metallic structure of the tubes. I wanted the tubes to shine and immediately be present to the viewer. In my work I focus on photographing people, so working with this demanding material was a refreshing experience."
Filip Klimaszewski

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