Depression Campaign

At the beginning of 2020 we were asked to join a ux/ui team from Pragma to design branding for a campaign raising awareness around depression. We feel this issue to be very important and we wanted to really address the group in need. We did thorough research of existing campaigns and talked to people affected by depression. Based on our findings we chose specific colours that would address and interest people tackling this issue. We felt strongly that the way depression is commonly approached is quite dark and rather uncompelling.  We designed geometrical shapes that would be a good way to communicate different aspects of depression that could be graphically adapted in various manners. 

We hope that the campaign will reach as many people in need as possible.

↓ Task

To communicate about depression in a compelling way to raise awareness

↓ Solution

Branding of a depression campaign communicating through specific colours and shapes

↓ Collective brain

Creative Production & Strategy:
Magdalena Assanowicz
Design & Research: Szymon Sawicki

↓ Expertise

Research, concept generation, branding, graphic design, typography, colours

"Working on the campaign on depression was a very interesting challenge in the search for a visual language that would not stigmatize or emphasize the negative reception of the disease. We managed to create a visual communication that allegorically and interestingly relates to the various stages of the disease and shows the directions for recovery."
Szymon Sawicki
Graphic Designer

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