EkoWarta Programme

For the past few years we have been publishing a diary on seasonality called Sezonownik. Cementownia Warta S.A. came across it and asked us to create a dedicated diary for them. We made a trip to their quarry and together decided that the calendar could be a good start for an eco programme promoting regional nature as well as knowledge about sustainable daily life solutions. The programme would be targeted at their employees (over 600 people) as well as neighbouring local communities. 

We came up with the name, designed the logotype that referred to their iconic features: amonite, the river Warta and the commonly seen fern from the river environs. The diary for 2020 was designed and produced using the otabind method of binding using as little glue as possible. The launch of the diary also announced the start of the programme itself with walks, workshops and meetings with specialists throughout the year: botanists, an ornithologist, a geologist and a zero waste expert. We also advised on and designed a few sustainable and educational gadgets: a recycling poster and beeswax wrapper for food with a custom pattern.

And then, the unexpected happened - we entered the global COVID-19  pandemic and had to re-think the programme. Together with Cementownia Warta S.A. we agreed that we would continue meetings online. We did a UX workshop to see users potential needs and pivoted the idea. We are currently designing the website as well as diary and programme for 2021. 

In 2020 Cementownia Warta S.A. received a special “Fair Play” award for raising eco awareness.

↓ Task

Design and coordination of eco oriented programme for a cement plant - Cementownia Warta S.A.

↓ Solution

Eco Programme for employees and immediate neighborhood promoting sustainable and nature oriented approach

↓ Collective brain

Creative Production & Strategy:
Magdalena Assanowicz
Program Design and Sustainable Expertise:
Gosia Ruszkowska & Kaja Nowakowska
Art Direction: Jula Ambroziewicz
Branding: Szymon Sawicki
Print and graphic design: Maja Certowicz
Illustrations and graphic design:
Paulina Ufnal & Monika Proniewicz
Photography: Filip Klimaszewski

↓ Expertise

research, naming, concept generation, strategy, brand identity, brand design, print design, print production, workshops, sustainable specialists, ux design, ui design, web design

"I haven't worked with such a big industry, so it was an important and very good experience. Great, engaged people, a new perspective on topics I knew before, making a professional film for the first time and adjusting content I work everyday with to a new scale.”
Małgorzata Ruszkowska
Ethnologist & Botanical Specialist
“Working with people from Butter studio on EkoWarta Programme is pure pleasure. It is a young, very engaged and creative team. They have a great sense of subtlety. Their working method is a combination of modern management and project implementation.”
Łukasz Walasik
Head of the organization and audit department

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