Flanders Business Park Wayfinding System

In autumn 2019 we were asked to design a wayfinding system for a group of three business buildings called Flanders Business Park based in Warsaw. The whole complex is built from vandersanden bricks which represent a rare and rather impressive choice of material. Our approach was to create a comprehensive system of pictograms as well as a map of where different signs should be placed. With the logotype already in place we designed matching geometrical shapes for the iconography and proposed forms of wayfinding communication.

↓ Task

Create a wayfinding system for a business park 

↓ Solution

An intuitive set of icons and signage for a group of buildings

↓ Collective brain

Creative Production & Strategy:
Magdalena Assanowicz
Design and Art Direction:
Maciej Bączkowski

↓ Expertise

Research, concept generation, wayfinding, guidelines, icons, signage, information system

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