Nou Perfume

Being aware that there would be two scents: Velvet Blossom and Floral Mist, we decided to distinguish them through separate colour schemes and a different variety of illustrations. The intricate/eye-catching art nouveau motifs helped us to create/bring to life two magical worlds of floral and animal compositions that would be understood and appreciated by the mass market. Additionally, the UV print effects make it clearly stand out on the shelf. 

Our task was to design packaging for the new line of NOU perfumes - an already established brand. The vision was clear: the feel built upon art nouveau imagery with animal and floral motifs in order to keep it elegant and feminine. 

The two scents can be purchased either as an eau de toilette in a dedicated glass bottle or as a more ephemeral variation which is a body mist.

↓ Task

Design of a new perfume line

↓ Solution

Art Nouveau-inspired packaging of a perfume line

↓ Collective brain

Creative Production:
Magdalena Assanowicz
Design and Art Direction:
Maciek Bączkowski
Illustration: Helena Hauswirt
Photography: Dominik Lewiński 

↓ Expertise

Research, concept generation, packaging design, illustration, DTP

"BUTTER creative studio are a team of specialists who combine professionalism, trends and understanding their Clients’ needs. Thanks to them the Nou brand established a new range of products valued highly around the world."
Anna Stawska

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