PURO People

We had already been working with PURO Hotels on various things when they asked us to design their magazine. They had already formed its concept: PURO People would focus on design and architecture through the lens of the extraordinary creators “behind well-known brands, design studios, and objects that many of us identify with”. The PURO team had already prepared most of the material, so our task was to create an editorial mockup that future magazines could use as layouts. Consequently, we also designed its first edition, getting acquainted with all the fantastic people it features.

We wanted the overall feel to channel the atmosphere created by PURO Hotels: warmth and cosiness combined with a modern design approach and quality materials. To achieve this, we teamed up with typographer Jan Estrada-Osmycki who designed the fonts we paired for the magazine: Pretty and Softcore (just launched) and adapted them for the PURO People logotype. We also took care of the paper choice and supervised the print - admittedly, a fascinating part of the process. 

You can get your hands on a copy in one of the PURO Hotels or via their Gift Shop.

↓ Team

Martyna Wyrzykowska, Maciej Bączkowski, Magdalena Assanowicz, Paweł Marcinkowski, Krzysiek Krzysztofiak.

↓ Typography 

Jan Estrada-Osmycki


Paulina Serwatka, Paulina Masłowska, Joanna Oparcik, Dawid Grausch, Maria Krawczyk

↓ Photos courtesy of PURO:

Piotr Czyż

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