Satori Time

In 2019 we were approached by a design focused ecommerce company to create the branding for one of Poland's first cannabidoil (CBD) line of products. Now widely adopted as the featured ingredient in a large range of wellness products, CBD was back then still a bit of an unknown.

Beyond the excitement of bringing a whole new brand and product to the market this experience also meant a great degree of creative freedom which translated into an adventurous approach to branding and design.

Taking inspiration from the therapeutic benefits of the plant, we developed a calm, yet memorable brand identity that took the form of a visual system based around a set of leafy geometric forms. With a unique arrangement and colour scheme, this allowed us to build a unique identity for each of the products on offer. The name of the company, as well as those of the different products from the range, hinted at Buddhist traditions of self-realisation, enlightenment and self-actualisation. 

↓ Task

Create identity and packaging for Satori Time’s new line of product

↓ Solution

Launch one of the first CBD lifestyle brands on the Polish market

↓ Collective brain

Creative Production & Strategy:
Magdalena Assanowicz
Design and Art Direction:
Maciej Bączkowski
Photography: Patrycja Jędrzejewska,
Maciej Bączkowski

↓ Expertise

Research, concept generation, strategy, positioning, brand identity, brand design, packaging design, web design, brand guidelines

"What I enjoyed most about working on this project was the opportunity to bring a new type of product to the market, which allowed for a greater degree of creative freedom. The client felt compelled to choose an adventurous direction."
Maciej Bączkowski

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