U Afterka Grooming Bar

We got a brief from a client: 


I have decided to finally set up my business, and I need your help making it professional. It should look awesome but effortless, a kind of retro Japanese minimalism yet contemporary, with a slight wink. You know what I’m talking about, right? And I will be the host, the main face that will draw the customers in and charm them. And I’m not afraid of that at all. Let me know when we can start ‘cause there’s no time to lose.

Yours sincerely,

Intrigued, to say the least, we set up the meeting and agreed on the principles: a straightforward message in a humorous way. We dived in and immediately went into illustrative mode, exploring the best way to picture the boss. Knowing that the branding will have several applications, we decided to make it flexible while keeping it cohesive. You can find it online, on business cards and flyers, as well as writ large in a window display and shiny sign – welcoming new customers with cheeky delight (and a blowdryer).

And who knows, this groomer by day might become a bar at night. Visit him, sniff around, and check out what he offers. Oh, and make sure to high-five his paw. He’ll love that.

↓ Team

Wiktor Pilipczuk, Ewelina Pulka, Magda Assanowicz

↓ U Afterka

The Boss, Marek Nowak

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