How we work & our process

We get to know you well


  • brief

  • brief adjustment

  • competition analysis

  • strategy and planning

At this stage we spend time together to uncover your dreams and aspirations, map your wants and needs, strategise and set goals.

We match the unique needs of your project with the unique skills of our specialists


  • assigning experts

  • setting timelines

A fully fledged project requires the combined skill and imagination of a myriad of specialists: designers, technologists, storytellers, project managers. After we've pinpointed your needs we assemble the right mix of talent making sure that under their wing, your project will flourish.

We introduce you to your future project


  • concepts generation

  • presentation

  • creative direction

Making the leap from idea to reality, we connect the dots and start designing, combining different capabilities to get the ultimate effect. We devise several strategic and creative directions and present them to you. At this stage you get a glimpse of your future project.

We design, refine and craft


  • concept proofing

Incorporating your feedback we adjust and push forward - together we decide on the strategic direction and then refine the product to perfection; in the meantime we will talk a lot.

We babysit your product


  • product launch

  • environment design

We are with you when you make your first steps into the world as a proud new owner, making sure you make a splash.

We keep in touch


  • future consulting

We meet again to hear how you are doing.

We butter your bread!

Say hello! And make it butter!