A while ago we started producing a diary filled with seasonal information called Sezonownik. Cementownia Warta S.A. asked us to create a dedicated diary for them. Together we decided that this would be a part of a bigger project — an eco programme called EkoWarta.

The content of the diary is well — planned and includes practical seasonal information as well as zero waste solutions provided by biologists and botanists. We have chosen specific materials and a method of production to ensure that the notebook would be as eco-friendly as possible. The binding method — otabind, is a mix of sewing and only requires a minimal amount of glue. The notebook can be opened out into a completely flat position. The chosen colours: beige and green, reference the areas of the cement plant quarry and the soil itself. Abstract collage-like illustrations go hand-in-hand with the content. We were extremely happy to hear that it was well-received by the employees and will be continued as a series for next year.

↓ Task

Design and produce a dedicated diary for Cementownia Warta S.A.

↓ Solution

A physical diary filled with practical seasonal information as a part of a larger eco programme — EkoWarta.

↓ Collective brain

Creative Production:
Magdalena Assanowicz
Botanical & Zero waste content:
Kaja Nowakowska & Gosia Ruszkowska
Print and Graphic Design:
Maja Certowicz
Monika Proniewska & Paulina Ufnal
Photography: Filip Klimaszewski

↓ Expertise

Naming, Print, Print design, Production, Illustration, Sustainable Solutions 

"We are very happy that we were able to work on a project that raises environmental awareness. The client attaches great importance to ecology and is not afraid of new solutions in graphic design."
Paulina Ufnal & Monika Proniewicz
Graphic Designers and Illustrators

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