Import Export Gallery

— Import Export – we immediately got hooked by the name, as it brought to mind Polish trade of the 90s and its.. let’s call it frivolousness. For those not familiar with this flair it can simply mean a “trade exchange”. 

While speaking to the founders it was underlined that, in large part, art concerns travel and exchange - it is also about sharing ideas. The gallery gained the reputation of an almost music-like-label where different artists, whose work is particularly important across any border, would be supported.

In the created identity we mixed 90s feeling with the flexibility of an art gallery that in the future wants to appear as a pop-up in different places and circumstances. 

This led us to creating a AR filter for social media that would aid in introducing Import Export via a flexible cube wherever we decide.

This is our way of converting a traditional gallery format to be monumentally present anywhere in the offline and online world.

We want this identity to be as dynamic and alive as the art it engages with. 

↓ Task

Create an identity for a modern art gallery

↓ Solution

Design a multifaceted identity for a modern gallery across borders

↓ Collective brain

Rafał Pawelec
Art Direction, Motion & AR:
Maciej Bączkowski
Creative Production:
Magdalena Assanowicz
Sagg Napoli & Stefania Batoeva
Art Photography:
Błażej Pindor
Sonia Jakimczyk & Piotr Bazylko & Kat Zavada

↓ Expertise

Research / concept generation / brand identity / brand design / print materials / motion design

Working with Butter on our visual identity for the gallery was a dream come true. Butter approached us with care and curiosity – attentively listening to our vision, understanding the company needs and inspirations behind as well as dynamically responding to our feedback. Creative and resourceful yet methodical and time-efficient – a rare combination of qualities that made our collaboration with Butter both exciting and satisfying. We will be recommending Butter to our friends. In fact, we already have.
Sonia Jakimczyk
Working on the project was an inspiring experience. The process of building the identity was based on experiments with interpreting the name into visual language in typographic form. Working with a place connected with contemporary art was an unusual challenge for me.
Rafał Pawelec

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