Witchcare is a local cosmetics and incense brand with simple, science-based formulas founded by botanists with whom we have previously collaborated on various projects and who have now decided to use their experience and knowledge to create a thing of their own.

We knew the founders usually prepare their formulas from scratch and supervise each product every step of the way, from the lab to the drugstore shelves, so we worked hand in hand on this complex project to create something true to them. From researching the formulas certifications to putting down the brand story, onto coming up with a suitable name, and designing the brand identity itself – we have done it all. With sustainability in mind we selected packaging made of violet, brown and black glass, paper and aluminium.

To complete the holistic vision we have directed & produced a campaign in which women of various backgrounds and professions turned into models for a day and posed for ethereal photographs immersed in the local wilderness. In that way we wanted to show the real, beautiful and diverse close circle of friends who in a way co-create the brand. We also worked on product shots which are mysterious, dark, and dusty, which makes them  magical. It was a unique chance to collaborate with our talented friends and specialists who helped us to convey the message of the brand: “#wildbeing is the new wellbeing”.

↓ Task

To create a herbal cosmetic brand based on natural ingredients

↓ Solution 

A complete strategic brand creation from design to production

↓ Collective brain 

Design & Art Direction: Maciej Bączkowski
Naming, Packaging & Creative Production: Magda Assanowicz
Brand story: Kamila Wagner & Magda Assanowicz
Campaign photos: Filip Klimaszewski 
Set assistant: Agnieszka Sałacka
Product photos: Agnieszka Mroczek 
Typography tagline: Gabi Golińska
Witchcare: Małgorzata Ruszkowska & Kaja Nowakowska

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